The mission of our Faculty is to contribute the world of science by making the Departments of our Faculty produce knowledge on modern and universal scales within the scope of their own fields; to educate scholars, researchers, teachers and professionals, who are sensitive to the agenda of their country and the world, socio-culturally well-grown, and internalized Atatürk’s Principles and Revolutions in order to improve the quality of life of the community on the basis of our regional and national requirements.



The vision of our Faculty is to become an education and research unit having good relations with the national and the international world of science and being equivalent to the qualified faculties of letters all over the world in line with the mission, the vision, basic tenets, principles and strategic targets of our University.


Strategic Targets

Our Faculty aims for improving, developing and becoming stronger in the fields below:

  1. Undergraduate Education
  2. Post-graduate Education
  3. Research
  4. Academic Staff
  5. Providing Services, Information Transfer and Relations with Environment
  6. Physical Structure
  7. International Relations
  8. Faculty Culture and Administration
  9. Performance Indicators, Performance Measurement and International Quality Standards.
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